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Jonathan Cohen, Ph.D.

Promoting School Climates for Learning: International Research, Policy and Practice Trends, Challenges and Opportunities

​Co-president, International Observatory for School Climate and Violence Prevention; Adjunct Professor in Psychology and Education, Teachers College, Columbia University;Co-founder and President-Emeritus National School Climate Center, USA; anpracticing clinical psychologist and psychoanalyst. He is a member of the Educational Advisory Council for as well as the Council of Distinguished Scientists, National Commission on Social, Emotional and Academic Development, AspenInstitute, USA. He has authored over 100 peer-reviewed articles, chapters and six books. He has worked with schools, State Departments of Education, Educational Ministries, UNICEF and the World Bank about a range of school climate / social emotional learning, mental health and risk prevention issues.

This presentation will summarize K-12 school safety and prosocial educational research (e.g. social emotional learning, character education, school climate, wellbeing/mental health promotion) findings about helpful and sustainable school improvement efforts. There is growing interest from around the world about how we can and need to promote children’s social, emotional and civic as well as academic development that supports school and life success. There are a range of policy as well as practice challenges that will be summarized. And, a series of practical guidelines and suggestions will be present.


Rosario Del Rey, Ph.D.

Co-president, International Observatory for School Climate and Violence Prevention.Associate Professor at Department of Developmental and Educational Psychology of Faculty of Psychology in the University of Seville, Andalusia, Spain. Principal Investigator of Interpersonal Aggression and Socio-Emotional Development (IASED) research group ( Expert in bullying, ciberbullying, sexting and other network risks. Author of an extensive scientific and informative production and advisor to several government agencies.

The emergence of forms of relationships mediated by new technologies has created new phenomena such as cyberbullying and sexting. This new reality requires rethinking actions to improve school coexistence and to prevent school violence. In the conference, the Make Sure Program will be presented as an Evidence-Based Practice that aims, in addition to preventing and intervening in the face of bullying, to confront its counterpart in the virtual context, cyberbullying and associated factors such as sexting. The results of the evaluation of its impact will be presented, showing its effectiveness both in primary and secondary education centers and in the face of school violence among peers in the online and offline context.


Ophelia Pastrana

Mom, Dad, I'm trans ... now what?

Ophelia is a recent entry into the BBC's 'BBC100' list and an openly transgender woman. She also ranks - according to Business Insider - as the woman with the most influence on Twitter when it comes to talking about tech.

She has spoken at TEDx events three times, five times at Talent Land /Campus Party, and is also an Aldea Digital speaker. She has been nominated for an Eliot award for leadership in digital influence and is listed by Forbes as one of the 'Top 100 Most Powerful Women in Mexico.'

She was born in Colombia in 1982 and since 2000 has lived in Bogotá, Miami, Sydney and Mexico; finishing a degree in Physics and then a Master's degree in Econometrics. She was a consultant in digital communication for international companies and is dedicated to stage and camera work.

She's a great promoter of digital culture and has adopted technology as a lifestyle.


Grace Skrzypiec, Ph.D.

A global perspective on peer aggression and bullying

Senior Lecturer in Research Methods and Statistics at the Faculty of Education, Psychology and Social Work at Flinders University in Adelaide, Australia. Psychologist and high school normalist teacher, as well as co-director of the Research Center for the Wellbeing and Prevention of Student Violence (SWAPv). In 2014 she was awarded the Vice Chancellor's Award for Early Career Investigators in recognition of her outstanding contributions to excellence in research.

Leading a team of researchers from around the world, he investigated the global phenomenon of bullying in an international study of aggression and well-being among peers in 12 world regions (Australia, mainland China, Greece, India, Indonesia, Italy, Israel, Poland, South Korea, Spain, Taiwan and the Philippines) in which more than 7000 students participated. Together with the team members, you will present the overall results of the study showing that aggression occurs between friends, both harmful and non-harmful. Evidence suggesting that harmful peer aggression mediates the impact on well-being by eroding students' resilience and self-esteem will also be presented and illustrated with student drawings.


Emeritus Professor Víctor Alberto Pavía

Coexistence in a playful way, three questions about teacher training at stake
from the perspective of law

Bachelor of Physical Activity and Sports. Master in Theories and Policies of Recreation with orientation in education. He studied specializations in Coordination of Operational Group and Educational Research with Ethnographic Focus. Professor Emeritus of the University of Flores, Argentina. Former Professor of the Faculty of Education Sciences of the National University of Comahue, Argentina, where for over thirty years he taught and directed extension and research projects on gaming and education from the perspective of law.

The lecture "The coexistence in a playful way, three questions about teacher training at stake from the perspective of law", addresses some basic questions that help to review the practice itself in favor of
re-dimensioning the place occupied by the game in construction of an ethic of coexistence among peers, contributing to the construction of a critical sense of the way of playing to which one has the right.


Alfredo José  Furlán Malamud

Alfredo Furlán holds a Bachelor's and Doctor's Degree in Educational Sciences from the Universities of Córdoba, (Argentina) and the RENE DESCARTES, Paris V, (France) respectively. He has been in Mexico since 1976. He was the head of the pedagogy department at the then ENEP Iztacala. Professor of the career of pedagogy and in the postgraduate course of pedagogy of the Faculty of Philosophy and Letters of the National Autonomous University of Mexico (UNAM). Member of the curricular research group at FESI. Author of numerous publications, among other topics, on school violence.


The lecture will review the secrets and mysteries of the professions, (The mystery of the ministry, Pierre Bourdieu recalled) that professionals should know if they aspire to be heard by their colleagues.


Dra. María Jesús Comellas Carbó

Teacher´s leadership for the learning of coexistence and preventing violence

Academic degree, PhD in Psychology. Professor Emeritus of the Autonomous University of Barcelona. Director of the research group Grup de Recerca Orientació i Desenvolupament Educatiu (GRODE).

Since 2004, director of the Observatory of School Violence in Catalonia.

The lecture of Dr. Comellas deals with the way in which analyze and offer relational opportunities when the students are linked respected and verified when passing the sociogram at the beginning of the course and at the end; they see changes in the dynamics of their interactions.


Dra. Luz María Velázquez Reyes

PhD in Pedagogy (UNAM). Desirable profile PROMEP. Preside to the Merit in Prevention, Combat and Elimination of the Discrimination in the State of Mexico. Teacher-Researcher of the Higher Institute of Education Sciences of the State of Mexico (ISCEEM). She has published in Spain, Venezuela, Colombia, Argentina and Russia. Speaker at the 2nd. 3rd 4th 5th 6th And 7th. World Conference on School Violence, held in Quebec, Canada in 2003, Bordeaux, France (2006), Lisbon, Portugal (2008) Mendoza, Argentina (2013), Lima, Peru (2015), Quebec, Canada (2018) respectively . Speaker in countless state, national and international conferences.

Dr. Velázquez's lecture deals with the cultural appropriations of the Smartphone displayed by high school students of Mexican public and private schools. Recover the experience stories with the pleasant and unpleasant that the use and abuse of the cell phone generates in bachelor´s; documents both an altarpiece of wonders and nightmares, the latter due to online violence (cyberbullying, grooming, sexting, sextorsion, personality impersonation) as well as risk practices, including addiction, distraction and damage to health and the materials.

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Dra. Nora Alterman

PhD. Nora Alterman is a Magister in Educational Research, with socio-anthropological mention, Center for Advanced Studies, National University of Córdoba (1998). Lic. And Prof. Sciences of Education, UNC. Prof. Titular and Deputy in charge of the chairs: "Specific Didactics" and "Curriculum Design and Development" in the career of Lic. In Educational Sciences, Faculty of Philosophy and Humanities - UNC. She is the director of the research project: "Curriculum, pedagogical practices and evaluation: current policies and devices in the compulsory education of Córdoba", Argentina, with subsidy SECYT, FFyH - UNC. She has publications of books and articles in scientific journals in relation to the topics that are the subject of their research. She directs graduate and postgraduate theses. In the field of education, she is Director of a school that offers three levels of education.

For more than a decade we have witnessed a phenomenon of replacing the discourse of school discipline with that of coexistence that puts in jeopardy the possibility of attributing another meaning to that closest to authoritarianism. What changes are seen in disciplinary practices against this discursive displacement? What new meanings does school discipline assume in this context?

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