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About us

The misión of the International Observatory of School Climate and Violence Prevention is to contribute to the formulation of best practices and the scientific study of school climate and violence prevention that support school safety, as well as supportive, equitable and engaging climates for learning and child and adult development in school and life experiences.


The Observatory supports international research about individual and school wide improvement efforts that are designed to promote wellbeing, social emotional, civic and academic learning as well as safe, supportive, equitable and engaging climates for learning that promote school and life success.

The Observatory is invested in furthering conversations between research, policy and practice leaders that foster the healthy development of individual students, school communities and an engaged democratic citizenry. 

We hope that you will join us – as research, policy and/or practice learners and leaders – in furthering understandings and collaborative learning that supports all children to be able to learn and grow up in healthy ways.

Since 2001, seven world conferences have been held:

2001, Paris, France

First World Conference on School Violence

Numeralia of previous conferences


Jonathan Cohen

Current Co-President of the International Observatory for School Climate and Violence Prevention.

Teachers College, Columbia University; Co-founder and President-Emeritus National School Climate Center (www.schoolclimate.org/about/founder); and a practicing clinical psychologist and psychoanalyst. He is a member of the Educational Advisory Council for Charaacter.org as well as the Council of Distinguished Scientists, National Commission on Social, Emotional and Academic Development, Aspen Institute. He has authored over 100 peer-reviewed articles, chapters and five books. And, he has  worked with schools, State Departments of Education, Educational Ministries, UNICEF and the World Bank about a range of school climate / social emotional learning, mental health and risk prevention issues.


Rosario Del Rey

Current Co-President of the International Observatory on School Climate and Violence Prevention

Associate Professor at Department of Developmental and Educational Psychology of Faculty of Psychology in the University of Seville, Andalusia, Spain. Principal Investigator of Interpersonal Aggression and Socio-Emotional Development (IASED) research group (https://www.iased.es/). Expert in bullying, ciberbullying, sexting and other network risks. Author of an extensive scientific and informative production and advisor to several government agencies.


Azucena Ramos Herrera

General coordinator of the VIII World Conference

Psychologist and Master in Gestalt Psychotherapy. Retired professor at the University of Guadalajara Head of the Department of Health Sciences at CUALTOS, UdeG. She directed  researches about Violence in the School and Intervention Programs to Eliminate it. Member of the Network of Coexistence, Discipline and School Violence of the Mexican Council of Educational Research (COMIE). Speaker in 6 Conferences of the World Observatory of Violence in the School. Founder and president of the Living in Harmony Foundation, A.C.


Alfredo José  Furlán Malamud

Scientific Committee

Holds a Bachelor's and PhD in Educational Sciences from the universities of Córdoba, (Argentina) and the RENE DESCARTES, Paris V, (France) respectively. He has been in Mexico since 1976. He was the head of the Department of Pedagogy in the ENEP Iztacala. Professor of the career of Pedagogy and in the post grade of Pedagogy of the Faculty of Philosophy and Letters of the National Autonoma University of Mexico (UNAM). Member of the curricular research group at FESI. Author of numerous publications, among other topics, on school violence.


César Bazán 

Scientific Committee

Dr. Cesar (Innovación para el desarrollo, Perú) leads i4d, a social innovation consultancy firm with projects in Peru, previously, he created and managed the Peruvian strategy against school violence at the Ministry of Education. One of its components, the national child protection system: www.siseve.pe, was awarded at "Business Creativity" and "Best Practices in Public Management" competitions. In addition to this, it has been recognized as good practice for UNESCO and the International Observatory of Violence in Schools. Cesar was the global manager of a campaign against school violence with operations in 50+ countries. One of his last reports was presented at the XIX Human Rights Council in Geneva.


Joaquín A. Mora-Merchán

Scientific Committee

Permanent professor of the Evolutionary and Educational Psychology Department in the University of Seville and researcher of the Interpersonal Aggression and Socio-Emotional Development (IASED) (https://www.iased.es/). He has oriented his research task to the analysis and improvement of school violence problems, particularly bullying and cyberbullying, from the individual concern until the implication of the different educational institutions. In this line, he has been the author of many books, magazine articles and scientific/informative publications. Moreover, throughout his career, he has also intervened in different events of recognized international prestige. Currently, he participates actively as a consultant in different regional, state and international research projects related to these topics.


Eva M. Romera Félix

Scientific Committee

Permanent professor of Evolutionary Psychology and Education at the University of Córdoba and a member of the Laboratory for Studies on Coexistence and Prevention of Violence (LAECOVI). Her work is about coexistence and the factors that influence involvement in school violence. Her research activity has focused on the study of both personal and contextual components of interpersonal relationships and their relationship with interpersonal violence (bullying and cyberbullying). She is currently assuming research leadership tasks such as the direction of a regional, national and European project on social, emotional and moral competence, or the direction of doctoral theses. The result of these research experiences are publications in journals of high national and international impact.


Grace Skrzypiec

Scientific Committee

Senior Lecturer in Research Methods and Statistics in the College of Education, Psychology and Social Work at Flinders University Adelaide, Australia. Psychologist and trained secondary teacher as well as Co-Director of the Student Wellbeing and Prevention of Violence (SWAPv) Research Center. In 2014 she was the recipient of the Vice-Chancellor's Award for Early Career Researchers in recognition of outstanding contributions to excellence in research.

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Laura Ramos Herrera

Scientific Committee

PhD in Existential Psychotherapies. Professor in different Institutes that teach Master and Doctorate in Psychotherapy Guestalt. Author of 4 books. Psychotherapist with 40 years of experience. 

Facilitator in growth groups

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Terry Carol Spitzer

Scientific Committee

Bachelor of Arts, Specialized in Sociology and Education, Queens College of the City University of New York;  Master on Science with specialization in Educational Research, Department of Educational Research, CINVESTAV-IPN.  PhD in Pedagogy, Faculty of Philosophy and Letters, Universidad  Nacional Autónoma of México.  Retired from the University  Autónoma de Chapingo. Active member of the Mexican Council of Educational Research A.C. and the International Observatory on Violence in Schools (now Observatory on School Climate and the Prevention of Violence).


Luz María Velázquez Reyes

Scientific Committee

PhD in Pedagogy (UNAM).  PROMEP.  Presea to the Merit in Prevention, Combat and Elimination of the Discrimination in the State of Mexico. Teacher-Researcher of the Higher Institute of Education Sciences of the State of Mexico (ISCEEM). She has published in Spain, Venezuela, Colombia, Argentina and Russia. Speaker at the 2nd, 3rd,  4th,  5th, 6th, and 7th, World Conference on School Violence, held in Quebec, Canada in 2003, Bordeaux, France (2006), Lisbon, Portugal (2008) Mendoza, Argentina (2013), Lima, Peru (2015), Quebec, Canada (2018) respectively . Speaker in countless state, national and international conferences.

Organizing committee:



Azucena Ramos Herrera

Jonathan Cohen

Rosario Del Rey.




Jose Luis Aguirre Martinez

Alfredo José Furlán Malamud

Gabriela Hernandez Ramos

Flor López Ramos

Emma Lizeth Noriega Garza

Teresa Plascencia Gallo

Igor Ramos Herrera

Laura Ramos Herrera

Antonio Salcido Ontiveros

Grace Skrzypiec,

Terry Carol Spitzer

Ricardo Vazquez Valls

Luz Maria Velázquez Reyes

J. Guadalupe Zaragoza